Sexual Harassment in Chicago’s Hospitality Industry

“He was completely naked, standing between the bed and the desk. He asked me for shampoo. I had to jump over the beds in order to get to the door and leave the room.”

“I do not feel safe because of the things that I have encountered. One guest was masturbating. I felt very afraid.”

“A guest wrapped his arm around my waist and across my buttocks and said, ‘You know I would be cheating on my wife for you, but I think you will be worth it.’

“I told my supervisor two days later because I was embarrassed and afraid they were going to tell me it was my fault.”

“I delivered a round of drinks to a table of middle aged business men. One of them asked me my name. When I answered, he slapped me on my behind and said ‘Thank-you.’”

“I was bending over to set drinks on a table. He came up behind me and slapped me between my legs, hitting me in my private area. I couldn’t believe he did it in front of all the other guests. I was so embarrassed and shocked. I broke down in tears.”

“I approached a table of four guys and asked “Hi, what can I get for you today?” They asked for milk. I asked “How many cups would you like?” They said “Two,” as they pointed to my breasts and laughed. I was seven months pregnant. I felt so disgusted and embarrassed.”