"In Chicago, Nalls would like to see repeat harassers barred from casinos, which are known for banning people accused of cheating at the gaming tables. If a guest “stole from the casino, they wouldn’t let him come back,” Nalls said. “So, if he steals my dignity, why should he be allowed to come back?” "

Univision Chicago: Trabajando en el infierno- las dificultades de ser un trabajador inmigrante

"En la cuarta entrega de este reportaje especial, Adriana Cardona entrevista a tres hispanas que han sido víctimas de acoso sexual en su trabajo y que ahora luchan para proteger a otras mujeres."

Ms. Magazine: UNITE HERE Takes On Sexual Harassment in Chicago’s Hospitality Industry

"When UNITE HERE Local 1 in Chicago heard the story of a young server being sexually harassed by a male guest while working at a local casino, the labor union took action. Local 1 conducted a survey of nearly 500 women working as housekeepers, bartenders and servers within the state’s hospitality industry—then compiled and analyzed their findings and laid out policy recommendations in a new report entitled “Hands Off Pants On.” "

Progress Illinois: Survey: Female Chicagoland Hospitality Workers 'Face A High Level Of Sexual Harassment'

"The survey findings suggest that sexual harassment by casino and hotel guests often goes unreported, with just 33 percent of hospitality workers saying that they reported such incidents to their supervisor or manager."

NPR: Union Publicizes Sexual Harassment In Chicago's Hospitality Industry

"A survey of hundreds of women working in hotels and casinos indicates widespread instances of assault by male guests. A union is pushing for legislation targeting sexual harassment on the job."

NPR: Workplace Sexual Harassment: A Threat To Victims, A Quandary For Bystanders

"'Forty-nine percent of the housekeepers we surveyed said a guest had exposed themselves, flashed them or answered the door naked,' says researcher Sarah Lyons. Kasey Nalls, a cocktail waitress at a casino for 11 years, puts it plainly. 'I always thought it was a serious issue,' Nalls says. 'I feel like we're walking prey.'"


"Kasey Nalls was 23 when she started her first casino job in northwest Indiana, clad in a tight blue velveteen uniform, serving drinks as a cocktail waitress. During her first shift, Nalls said a male patron approached and said: “I’ve got the cock, you’ve got the tail.” According to a new study conducted by Chicago’s Unite Here Local 1, Nalls’ experience is common. After surveying nearly 500 female hospitality workers at dozens of hotels and casinos in the Chicago area, the study found 77 percent of female casino workers surveyed had been sexually harassed by a guest. Additionally, 58 percent of female hotel workers reported sexual harassment from patrons."

WBEZ News: New Survey Points To Sexual Harassment Rampant In Casinos And Hotels

"A study called "Hands Off Pants On' is detailing the sexual harassment of local hotel and casino workers. About 500 women surveyed say 58% of hotel workers and 77% of casino workers have been sexually harassed by male guests. For housekeepers, more than 45% of them surveyed say a guest is naked, exposes or flashes a female housekeeper when they answer the door. Those workers want panic buttons in the event that they are cornered or feel threatened by a guest. Casino workers say they'd like harassers banned from the premises."

CBS Chicago: Chicago-Area Sexual Harassment Survey Reveals Disturbing Numbers

"While the panel was assembled months ago, the topic is timely as sexual harassment and so-called “locker room” talk has made headlines recently. The “Hands Off, Pants On” panel also debuted a new video called “Union Men React to Workplace Harassment and Assault” which shows men reading women’s stories of sexual harassment. The panel was lead by Justice Anne M. Burke. Sports anchor Julie DiCaro of sister station, 670 The Score, spoke about her experience of online harassment and how a YouTube video #MoreThanMean made a difference."

Chicago SunTimes: Sneed-- "Hotel hell . . . "

"Watch for a panel discussion titled “Hands Off Pants On: Sexual Harassment in Chicago’s Hospitality Industry,” to be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday at UNITE HERE Local 1, located at 218 S. Wabash St., which represents 15,000 hospitality workers in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. Moderated by Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke, the panel will include sports columnist Julie DiCaro, who participated in the award-winning #MoreThanMean video; Chicago journalist Robin Robinson and Jorge Ramirez, president of the Chicago Federation of Labor."