Demand protections for women in the hospitality industry.

The following proposed changes in law should be adopted at both the state and local level:  A state law protecting women working in state-licensed casinos and a city ordinance protecting women in locally-governed hotels.


Employers shall be required to ban guests who have sexually harassed an employee. The existence of real consequences for inappropriate guests may change some women’s belief that “there is nothing I or anyone can do” about sexual harassment from guests.  This may help empower more women to come forward to report incidences of harassment. 90% of hospitality workers surveyed said they would feel more comfortable reporting a guest’s sexual harassment if their employer was required to ban guests who sexually harass employees.


Employers shall be required to provide panic buttons to any employee who works alone in rooms without other employees present (like guest rooms or bathrooms). For example, a housekeeper who is being harassed by a guest inside the room could use the panic button to immediately summon security personnel.

96% of housekeepers surveyed said they would feel safer if they were equipped with a panic button. Even women who had not been harassed by a guest said they would feel safer with a panic button. Many had heard stories of co-workers being harassed and were very aware of the risk that their job poses.

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